Same-sex marriage could mean big business


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Legalizing same sex marriage is a hot topic of conversation among lawmakers in Albany, but it is also the buzz among another group of people - wedding planners.

With the legalization of same sex marriage on the horizon, local businesses may soon have a rush of new clients.

"More weddings, more wedding cakes," says the Owner of Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica, Debby Alesia.

From cutting the cake, to florists and photographers, weddings are a booming business. The average American couple spends close to $30,000 to walk down the aisle and entertain friends and family with a reception.

Local wedding planners with Bella's Events say this is new territory, but it's a welcomed opportunity to get creative and get new jobs.

"I haven't done a same-sex event before, but it is something we would be open to doing," says Danielle Padula, an event planner with Bella's Events. "Who is to say who should and shouldn't get married? Marriage should be celebrated and we are not opposed to it."

Others say their recipe for success will stay the same, regardless of who they're working for.

"We do mostly traditional cakes," said Debbie Alesia of Florentine Pastry. "We do the well-known and loved rum cake. They are pretty traditional, but we are starting to see more and more of the different, more exotic cakes that people want and my son is always training and learning to do the newest things."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Valley View in Utica says they've only hosted one same-sex celebration in the past eight years. Although same-sex marriage is a controversial issue, they'd welcome the business at Valley View, but can't predict if the choices made in Albany will affect the choices made closer to home.

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