Santa came down the chimney, but FedEx, UPS didn't show for many

By WKTV News

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) -- There was at least one present missing under this tree Christmas Day and the entire day before was spent waiting for a FedEx delivery that never came.

Chris Van Patten missed church and other Christmas Eve family festivities so he could sign for a bottle of wine he ordered as a gift for his aunt and uncle. But FedEx never came.

He ordered the bottle from on Dec. 14 but because the company was backed up it didn't leave the warehouse until the 23rd. The package was scheduled for overnight shipping and made it to the FedEx truck, but stopped short of Van Patten's front door.

"I didn't get an update until this morning that it had gone back to the warehouse- the FedEx warehouse- because they hadn't had time to deliver everything they had to deliver," said Van Patten.

So Chris, who rarely sees his aunt and uncle, had to explain why he was empty handed.

"I'm frustrated with both of them to be honest. I mean had 10 days of warning that they could get this thing shipped out and didn't. FedEx, it was an overnight delivery package and I'm kind of upset that it didn't actually come overnight so I think the blame sort of goes all around here," said Van Patten.

The waiting game finally ended around 6 p.m. Thursday.

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