Sauquoit 8th graders create movie magic

By WKTV News

SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oscars may have already happened, but some students in Sauquoit may be getting the Academy's attention for next year.
Eighth-graders at Sauquoit Middle School held a red carpet event, Thursday, in order to unveil a movie that they created as part of a 12-week program with the local YMCA.
The school's cafeteria was transformed into a movie theater with popcorn and all the fix-ins for the premiere.
The movie was written, acted, and shot all by the students.
"Film becomes secondary, but what they go through in the process really is what excites me," said YMCA Arts & Humanities Coordinator, Chase Clifford. "What the YMCA is all about is that the kids are learning how to work in a team, so the real benefit is the development of the children going through the program and the film is an extra bonus."

The Sauquoit Middle School funded the entire 12-week program through a grant. 

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