School officials: Regardless of how residents vote on school merger, take time to get informed


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Residents can ask questions and find out more information about the proposed Herkimer County School Merger at the final informational meeting on Thursday night.

The Ilion School District has decided to hold one more community forum before the conclusion of the public informational period ending on Friday.

Cosimo Tangorra, superintendent of Ilion schools, says that the proposed merger between Frankfort-Schuyler, Ilion, Mohawk, and Herkimer schools will lead to enhanced classes, activities, and an annual $7.5 million in incentive aid. However, he says that layoffs and increases in transportation also remain a possibility.

Tangorra hopes all residents will put some time aside to educate themselves about the possible merger.

"We want to sit down with whoever is interested and answer any questions they may have, just because we want folks to make an informed decision," says Tangorra. "Whatever the decision they make, listen, that's their choice. But if they are going to vote for or against this, they need to know all the facts."

The Boards of Education of all four schools will vote on January 10 for or against the merger. If all four boards pass the resolution to merge the schools, a straw vote will be held on January 19.

The last informational meeting will be held Thursday night at Ilion High School at 7 p.m.

A link to the full report on the proposed school merger can be found in the related content of this story

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