Schumer: re-instated interest on unemployment insurance is a job-killing fee

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Small business owners are being surprised with a fee that U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says is a job-killing tax.

New York's unemployment fund dipped to new lows in 2009 and congress reinstated interest on unemployment insurance.

Schumer announced legislation that would remove this fee at USA Sewing in Utica on Wednesday afternoon.

Owner Giovanni Inserra was shocked when he got the bill last month, and his business may be expanding soon, which would cost even more.

Schumer says employers end up paying about $20 per employee.

"This came like a bolt out of the blue and many, many employers are going to say to themselves - why should I expand, why should I grow," Schumer asked. "Why should I hire that next employee if Washington is going to do something else to me? That might even be worse than this."

USA Sewing is up for a military contract. If it wins the bid, their workforce will go from about 75 employees to as many as 300.

Schumer's proposal will be in a report out due this November.

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