Science skills of students tested with annual egg drop


SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was raining Friday inside the gym at Sauquoit Valley Elementary School - raining eggs!

The school held its second annual 'egg drop' contest Friday afternoon, where fourth graders designed their own containers to protect the eggs as the they were dropped from some 30 feet above.

The idea behind the science project is to not have the eggs break in the container upon landing, but in many of the 'drops,' that wasn't the case.

"They talked a lot about gravity and force," said Teacher Tonya Sullivan. "They have cotton balls, and sponges, bubble wrap, they have plastic. One of them has a balloon hanging from the top. Lots of ideas, very creative."

The entire school gathered for an afternoon 'general assembly' to cheer on their fellow students.

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