Search dog team finds remains while looking for Whitesboro woman

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - A team of search dogs has found remains in a wooded area off of Mohawk Street Saturday, and it is believed to be the body of Laura Pickard.

Whitesboro Police would not confirm if they beleive the remains are definitely that of Pickard, but the president of Eagle Valley Search Dogs, Rita Argiros said the clothes found on the body were the same that Pickard was reportedly wearing when she went missing.

The wooded area is off of Mohawk Street, which connects Whitesboro and Marcy. The area was said to be a favorite walking spot of Pickard, according to the search team on the scene.

Pickard went missing in March of 2009 at the age of 44. According to police at the time, Pickard left her community home residence to go for a walk and did not return.

Eagle Valley Search Dogs is the same search team that found Lisa Bawolak earlier this month in Herkimer.

There was a team of six search dogs on the scene Saturday. Coincidentally, the very same German Shepard that found Bawolak also found these remains.

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