Searching for a new police chief for the Village of Frankfort


FRANKFORT, NY (WKTV) - The Village of Frankfort is looking for new leadership, now that their police chief is retiring at the end of August.

Thursday night is the first time the Village of Frankfort Board has met since Chief Steve Conley gave notice that he would be retiring on August 30th.

Now the Village Board is carefully looking to select a new chief, after experiencing problems with Chief Conley. Conley faces allegations of assaulting one of his officers and the Herkimer County Coroner. He denies both of those allegations.

The Mayor of the Village of Frankfort says they're considering a number of options. Two candidates who have previously been named, Scott Beach and James Goldsmith, are still in consideration. Mayor Moracco also said they've received applications from former police chief's for the position as well.

Newly appointed Public Safety Commissioner Mark Harris will be conducting interviews for the job. The Mayor previously served as the Public Safety Commissioner in addition to being Mayor, but now feels he can't commit to the duties and responsibilities involved.

Another option the board say's it's exploring is having an officer in charge. An officer in charge wouldn't have the full scope of duties that a chief does. Mayor Moracco says with the number of village residents, the village could survive with either a police chief of an officer in charge.

When the Mayor was asked if the board is considering consolidating their police force with the Town of Frankfort, he said "no comment."

Mayor Moracco does seem fairly confident that a new chief will be in place when Chief Conley retires at the end of August.

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