Teens accused of Thanksgiving Eve homicide reject plea offers


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The two 19 year olds from Utica accused of shooting 66 year-old George Garrow in his Dudley Avenue home the night before last Thanksgiving were both offered a plea deal by prosecutors, and have now both have rejected them.

Trevon Patterson and Robert Thompson, both 19, are both charged with second degree murder and attempted robbery.

Last week in court, Thompson rejected a plea deal and says he will take his case to trial, and Monday morning, Patterson did the same. Patterson rejected a 15 year prison sentence and let his fate sit in the hands of a jury.

In Oneida County Court Monday morning, Patterson's attorney requested a hearing to suppress the seven-and-a-half hour interview on videotape that Patterson had with two Utica Police officers, a couple of weeks after the murder on December 4th.

Attorney Christopher Pelli says the officers went too far during the interview process, even lying about what his half brother was saying in the other interview room, thus coercing certain statements from Patterson.

Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Kurt Hameline says there was no problem with the interview process and that will all come out in the upcoming hearing. The suppression hearing is set for August 5th. Thompson is due back in court for a hearing on July 19th.

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