Seeing is believing; Community invited to Nano Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- For years Nano Utica was just a dream and many people started to doubt it would happen. So this weekend, SUNYIT is hosting a Quad C Community Day so you can see it for yourself.

"You can actually touch it. Everybody's saying it's never going to happen, what are they doing over there. Now, they can come out here and we'll take them on site and they can look and see that it is happening and it is big," said D.J. Alm, senior construction manager, M+W Group.

The foundation is laid, steel beams are rising and SUNYIT wants residents to see it first-hand.

"We'd love to see everyone from the community, near and far. Prospective students, people that just want to know what's happening," said Robert Geer, acting president of SUNYIT.

The community day will include 'nanotechnology 101' sessions and tours of the $125 million computer chip commercialization center.

"Nano Utica is going to be transformational. You have global companies saying they want to put their feet right here in the Mohawk Valley. That's outstanding," said Geer. "There is nothing more important than the people in this community seeing the investment."

This day is a chance for people to see the physical building of Nano Utica and the chance to see the start of a brighter future for the Mohawk Valley.

"It's going to mean jobs, it's going to mean innovation, it's going to mean people looking at this region as a region where things are changing, where innovation is happening, where the economy is changing, where New York is changing," said Geer.

The new research hub for nanotechnology will bring in over a thousand high tech, high paying jobs and the community day will teach people how to get a jump start on these opportunities.

"Not only is this a place where you'll have high paying, high-tech jobs coming, but it's at a university that can train students with the skills to get the jobs and so we need people to understand that this is a one stop shop. Their children, people in the area can come take classes, get the skills they need and potentially come here for a job," said Geer.

The Quad-C Community Day is Saturday, Nov. 2. Tours run from 11a.m. To 3 p.m.

The event is free, but you have to register ahead of time.

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