Send your Halloween candy to troops in Afghanistan


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Kids who went trick-or-treating on Halloween likely now have bags of candy in their homes.

Tsar Dental Office in New Hartford is asking families to bring in their sugary treats to donate to U.S. troops that are stationed overseas.

The idea is to contribute to a good cause and teach children a valuable lesson about dental hygiene.

"Bring in their candy to prevent cavities in early stage for kids," said Anatoly Leshkevich, Business Manager at Tsar Dental. "They will also have a little fun and get comfortable at a dental office."

For every one pound of candy a child turns in, they will be entered into a raffle with a first prize of $100 gift card, a second prize of a $50 gift card and a third prize of a $25 gift card.

You can contact Tsar Dental at 315-732-5100

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