Service agencies help those displaced by shooting

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local service agencies have been helping those who were displaced during the shooting spree in the valley.
The Salvation Army in Herkimer was even on lock down for part of the day, located a block away from the standoff.

They eventually were able to open and served over 60 meals to displaced residents. 30 adults and children stayed at their center through the night.

"Anything that comes up we help, fires or floods, but this is a first time I've ever helped out with shooting victims," said Jon-Erik Berkhoudt Captain at the Salvation Army in Herkimer. "I know in Connecticut the Salvation Army was there helping out the families. So, it happened here we never expected it but it happened."

The Red Cross has also been helping those who need assistance.
The sheltered over a dozen people at the Herkimer County Community College Wednesday night. The organization released a statement reading "The Red Cross will continue to make itself available to provide emotional support and other services for residents and families of the victims."

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