Several roads flooded or closed throughout CNY

By WKTV News

UTICA, NY (WKTV) - Early morning storms Thursday have closed several roads throughout Central New York.

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Utica Regional Office has issued the following traveler advisory for motorists in Herkimer, Hamilton and Oneida counties:

Continued wide spread flooding throughout the region has resulted in the following list of road closures:

• Route 8 is closed between Route 28 in Poland, town of Russia, Herkimer County and Route 10 in Piseco, town of Arietta, Hamilton County;

• Route 8 is closed between Route 12 and Route 28 in the town of Deerfield, Oneida County;

• Route 8/28 bridge across West Canada Creek at the Oneida/Herkimer county line remains closed;

• Route 28 over West Canada Creek is closed between Route 29 and Route 169 in the village of Middleville, Herkimer County;

• Route 28 between the villages of Middleville and Newport, Herkimer County;

• Route 5 is closed between Route 5B and Route 233 in town of Kirkland, Oneida County;

• Route 922E (River St) is closed between Route 49 and Route 69 in the towns of Whitestown and Marcy and the village of Oriskany in Oneida County;

• Route 28N between Blue Mountain Lake and Long Lake, in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County;

• Route 30 in the Village of Long Lake, Hamilton County.

Roads previously reported closed that have now been reopened include:

* Route 315 between Route 12 and County Route 9 (Shanley Rd) in the town of Waterville, Oneida County;

* Route 69 between Route 5A and Route 922A (Clinton St) in the villages of Whitesboro and Yorkville, Oneida County;

* Route 168 east of Route 28 in the town of Mohawk, Herkimer County;

* Route 412 in village of Clinton, Oneida County;

* Route 921T (Genesee St.) over Sauquoit Creek in the town of New Hartford, Oneida County

* Route 921C (N. Genesee St) at the New York State Thruway, Oneida County.

Maintenance crews are continuing to monitor roads and bridges. Each road will reopen when water recedes, storm debris is removed and bridges are inspected for safety. The region will be providing periodic updates until all roads have been reopened.

Regardless of whether a road has been closed, motorists are reminded not to drive through any areas of standing water.

Herkimer County also issued the following closures:

*Town of Salisbury - State Highway 170 is closed due to trees and wires down

*Poland - State Highway 8 has been washed away in several locations.

*Russia - Military Road from Route 8 to Buck Hill is closed. Grant Road from Russia Road to Military Road is closed.

*Newport - Brayton and Strumlock Road is closed.

*Town of Frankfort - Ferguson, Welshbush and Broad Street are closed after being covered by water.

*Village of Middleville - Fishing Rock Road is under water and closed. The Middleville Bridge is also closed.

*Town of Ohio - Bussey Bridge is closed at Route 8 and Route 365. Also, State Highway 8 from the Village of Poland to State Highway 10 in Hamilton County is closed.

*Town of Litchfield - Holcomb Gulf Road is closed

Lewis County Sheriffs have issued a travel alert and the following roads are closed:

*East Martinsburg Road in Lowville

*Number Four Road between East Martinsburg Road and the Beaches Bridge Boat Launch in Lowville

*Moose River Road in Lyondsdale

*Burdicks Crossing Road in the Town of Greig

*River Road in Lyondsale

*Shibley Road in Lyondsale

*Milkhouse Road in Turin is closed due to flooding

The following roads should be considered hazardous due to flooding:

Town of West Turin

*Smith Road

*High Market Road at Fish Creek Town of West Turin

*Fish Creek Road at Harris

*West Road and West Main

Town of Greig

* River Road

* Bliss Road

* Burdicks Crossing

*Greig Road between Burdick and Sweeney Road

Town of Martinsburg

*East Martinsburg Road

*Blue Street

Town of Denmark

* RIdge Road

* Merz Road

* Zecher Road

Chenango County has issued a travel advisory. The county office building is still open but some roads may be closed or down to one lane due to flooding.

Do not drive in water-covered areas.

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