Several roads now open after Tuesday storms

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Several roads in the area were affected by Tuesday evening's storms, according to the New York State Department of Transportation.

In Herkimer County: Route 28 in Poland is now open after downed power lines were crossing the roadway.

Route 28 and Schrader Road is down to one lane with maintenance crews performing flagging duties because of trees in power lines and across the roadway.

Route 5 in Manheim has trees with wires in the roadway and is closed. Route 28 near Newport is now open after wires in the roadway were removed.

Route 168 is now open after trees were on power lines and in the roadway.

In Hamilton County, Route 8 near Piseco is now open after trees were removed. In Fultonville, Route 5 is now open after a tree down was removed.

In Oneida County: Route 365 at Hinckley Dam and Fairchild the road is closed because of trees down with wires. Signals at Routes 31 and 46 and at Routes 31 and 13 are being operated by generator.

Signals at Route 13 and Poppelton Road in Verona Beach are out and portable stop signs are being used.

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