Confirmed tornado blows roof off Frankfort home


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The National Weather Service out of Albany says a tornado is definitely to blame for the roof flying off a home in the Town of Frankfort.

The family of four that lived there barely made it safely to their basement before the incident.

Thursday morning, steady rain drenched the master bedroom of a home on Brockway Road in Frankfort - the same bedroom where the couple was sleeping just before their roof blew right off the home.

Homeowner Mike says he was in and out of a sleep Wednesday night and into Thursday morning because of the thunderstorms in the area. Mike wishes not to have his last name identified because of his job.

According to him, he was up around 4:45 a.m. when he heard wind so loud he decided to wake up his family and get them to the basement. As the family was running downstairs to get to the cellar, the chimney fell through the roof. One brick hit his son in the head, Mike said.

When the family got to the basement, they were pelted with debris. The incident all happened within just a few minutes, Mike said.

Once the wind died down, Mike said he decided to go up stairs and survey the damage. As he left the basement, he started to get rained on.

"I told my wife I am going to go upstairs to see what damage we had," he said. "So, as I walked upstairs, I could see insulation all over. So I'm starting to look trough a hole in the roof, but then I realized there was no roof. "

The roof blew completely off the family's newly renovated home. It is estimated to have traveled 150 yards into the woods behind the home. Those same woods are covered in insulation, causing the trees in the surrounding area to look like a fresh snowfall.

According to Mike, the insurance company is now in control of the home. The family will stay with relatives.

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