HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - State Senator James Seward checked in on flood help centers on Tuesday, stopping by the busiest center in Herkimer. Flood Assistance Teams were onhand helping victims apply for state aid for the third day, with an estimated 1,250 properties reported as damaged so far in Herkimer County. 800 applications have been filed so far at the assistance site at Herkimer County Community College. Senator Seward has put in a request with the governor for additional days, saying he believes more flood victims need more time to apply --and that one-on-one help is the best way to do it. He says he is also making requests for a need he feels has gone unmet. "It's the need for mental health services for those who've seen their lives turned upside down, because of the flooding I've seen, in this, in other areas of the state and my district that have had floods," Seward said. "In previous years, people are distraught. They don't know where to run. There's a lot of mental anguish to the property damage and I also will be advocating for mental health services to be brought in to the Mohawk Valley."