Sheriff's Race Showdown in Oneida County


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - For the first time in nearly 20 years, David Townsend voted for himself for a race other than New York State Assembly.

On Tuesday, Townsend voted as a candidate for Oneida County Sheriff. Townsend says he is ready for the career change, and is confident that he first step in that process will take place on Primary night with a win.

"There is nothing to worry about," Townsend said. "The people are going to make their choice based on options put forth. I have a lot of faith in the electoral. I have gone before them 12 times now and prevailed all those times. They have a faith and trust in me and I'm sure that will carry over."

Townsend's Republican primary opponent, Jim Masucci, voted in Rome on Tuesday. Masucci says that despite Townsend's successful political history and despite the fact he (Masucci) has never run for office, he is feeling confident he can beat Townsend.

"The people in this county are ready for a change and I have a background and experience to run on," Masucci said. "The people are appreciating that now and I feel really good today about the entire thing."

On the Democratic side, Rob Maciol cast his vote in New York Mills. Maciol, the Mayor of New York Mills and Whitesboro Police Officer says he is confident the voters agree with him and are ready to "bring a new generation of law enforcement into Oneida County."

"We were still campaigning today (Tuesday)," Maciol said. "This morning before the rain came, we were out knocking on doors, delivering our message - being positive. Like I said, I firmly believe the people agree with the message we are giving them and I certainly hope to be successful at the end of the day today."

The other Democrat in the race, Maciol's opponent Angela Gumbarevic did not respond to messages left to her Monday and Tuesday.

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