Shoppers shocked to hear of brazen attacker


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - After hearing about a man recently threatening women at knife point, demanding money and ATM cards, local shoppers are shocked, mostly because it's happening in broad daylight. The suspect has been connected with incidents at both the Save-A-Lot on Oneida Street and the South Utica Price Chopper and he is still on the loose.

NEWSChannel2 spoke to women who regularly shop at the locations the suspect hit up.

"Oh Hy Gosh! that's horrible, I can't believe that over here in Save-A-Lot? Eek! said Yvette Giraldo, upon hearing the news.

However, when asked if she worries about it happening again another shopper wasn't. "No, I live in the neighborhood I don't worry about that, it's a safe neighborhood, I mean it happens everywhere at some point and some time," said
Nadine Allen.

"I don't go anywhere by myself at night," said Debra True before she found out one attack happened at around 7:30 in the morning. "Oh well that just shows you can't be safe any time of the day then, that's hard."

The Utica Police asks anyone with information on the suspect's identity to call (315)-223-3510. All calls may be kept confidential.

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