Shoppers turn out to take advantage of post-Christmas sales

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Many Central New Yorkers hit the mall over the weekend to catch post-Christmas deals    

As the stores opened up, things finally started to quiet down and for shoppers waiting for a bit of calm, there were big deals to be found.

"There's not many people here at the mall, so it's a good time to come, I think," said Drew Albaugh of New Hartford.

One reason why many hit the mall on Sunday morning is because of all the shopping that comes with it.

"I do a lot before, and especially after, because of all the sales," said Denise Lomonico of Utica.

And it was sales galore at Sangertown Square on Sunday. So whatever you wanted for Christmas but didn't get, you can get for less.

"It's just at Christmas, I get a lot of gift cards, and I get like money and stuff," said Ashley Strain of Madison. "I'll come and get stuff that I didn't get for Christmas. Everything's a lot cheaper."

Mariah Kane of Hamilton agreed.

"I'm a shopaholic," said Kane. "I love shopping, so I come here or I'll shop online with gift cards I got for Christmas."

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