Shots Fired forum to be held in Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was a violent spring in the city of Utica. At one point, in May, police had responded to 24 calls for shots fired in 39 days.

Three people were shot inside of one month.  City leaders, both over and under the age of 18, are joining together to see what they can do to curb the problem.
"The goal is to walk out of this forum understanding exaclty what it is we have not done, exactly what it is we can do," says Ward 5 Councilman Jerome McKinsey. 

McKinsey is holding a shots fired forum in two weeks. Public safety, prosecutors and members of the city's Youth Common Council will be taking part.
"I live on Dudley and that's where a lot of the shots are fired and I feel like kids my age are scared," says Youth Council Member Tyraya McKinsey. 

McKinsey also acknowledges that, sometimes, young people are part of the problem.
"Drugs and they get caught up with the wrong people. They hang with the wrong crowd and they let people influence them and not in a good way."
The shots fired forum is Thursday, December 19, 6pm in the Thea Bowman House Auditorium in Utica.

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