Sidney residents clean up after downburst strikes


SIDNEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The severe storm that blew threw Sidney on Sunday night only lasted a few minutes, but it is the clean-up efforts that will last a lot longer than that.

"I grew up in the house and closest thing to excitement here is power lines catching on fire," said Matthew Cogshall of Sidney."Nothing happens on this dead-end rode."

On Sunday night, that all changed when a downburst/microburst with winds of up to 85 miles per hour winds came whipping through the town. Cogshall was working on his roof when he saw large dark clouds looming over head.

"As soon as I got down to the ground, that wind just started pushing me towards the truck and then it ripped the fiberglass panels off of the edge of my porch," said Cogshall.

Residents will be spending the next few days cleaning up the trees and branches now strewn all over their yards. However, they say they are thankful they have electricity and homes that are still standing.

After all, there is no better place to rest after a long day of cleaning is done.

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