Sitrin CEO stepping down, CFO to take his place

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. - After 27 years of service, Richard A. Wilson is stepping down as President and CEO of the Sitrin Health Care Center.

He won’t be leaving the facility entirely, but will maintain a presence as vice president of strategic development.

“I’m looking forward to staying on in a different capacity, which will allow me the opportunity to oversee existing and new construction projects and continue to develop unique programs,” said Wilson.

Christa L. Serafin, Chief Financial Officer at Sitrin, will take over as President and CEO on June 1. Since 1999, Serafin has been responsible for all financial aspects of Sitrin and its seven corporations. She works closely with Wilson on all matters related to the health care center and its affiliates, including finances and operations. A resident of New Hartford, Serafin is a New York State Certified Public Accountant.

Wilson has spearheaded more than 12 key expansions at Sitrin during his tenure, most notably the creation of a residential model of long-term care, and Cedarbrook Assisted Living and Enriched Housing Facility. In addition, he implemented the innovative STARS adaptive sports program, which resulted in Sitrin becoming a Paralympic Sport Club, and instituted its new Military Rehabilitation Program. As a result of Sitrin’s advancement, Wilson created new jobs in the community and grew Sitrin’s employee base from 100 to nearly 650.

Finding a successor for Wilson wasn’t going to be an easy task; however, once Serafin expressed interest in the position, the board overwhelmingly supported her.

“As Chief Financial Officer, Christa has the unique advantage of knowing the operational intricacies of all business lines, as well as strong working relationships with department heads and employees,” said Sitrin Board Chairman Edward Kowalsky. “These attributes, combined with her vast work experience, will ensure a seamless transition for Sitrin, those it serves, and its employees.”
Wilson also credited Serafin’s ability to keep abreast of changes in the health care system – a key component for a health care administrator in this position- in addition to maintaining Sitrin’s fiscal responsibility.

“We’ve worked on many successful major projects together for some 14 years; Christa embraces the vision the board and I have for Sitrin, and will continue to advance its mission to provide the highest quality of health care for our community, and beyond.”

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