Six firefighters promoted in City of Utica


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A big congratulations went out Friday to six members of Utica's Fire Department, who were promoted during a ceremony at Utica City Hall.

Among the many family members and friends in attendance was Utica Police Chief Mark Williams, Mayor Robert Palmeri and Father Joseph Salerno.

Fire Chief Russell Brooks says he is proud of these men and is confident with them in their new positions.

"These are all seasoned veterans, they've all proven themselves on the fire ground," Chief Brooks said. "They've proven themselves as leaders, they're very intelligent, very knowledgeable in the fire service."

The following firefighters were promoted on Friday:

Deputy Chief George Clark was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief.

Fire Captain John Kelly and Fire Captain Michael Wusik were each promoted to Deputy Fire Chief.

Fire Lieutenant Mark Ambrose and Fire Lieutenant Chris Houser were each promoted to Fire Captain.

Firefighter James Noon was promoted to Fire Lieutenant.

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