Six recruits officially join Utica Fire Department

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Six local firefighters officially joined the Utica Fire Department on Friday.

The recruits had to undergo agility tests, a service test and interviews where they had to outshine other applicants. The assistant fire chief of the UFD says these six stood out, and now are getting their chance to serve.

The Utica Fire Department says bringing on more firefighters is much need, and they will have a tremendous impact on the department.

"We're a young department due to retirement and reductions over the last few years," said Assistant Fire Chief George Clark. "We need to get experience. The quicker we can get them experience, we'll be better off in the future."

Two of the new Utica firefighters attended high school and the fire academy together. Their brothers also went to high school and the academy together, and are now both Rome firefighters.

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