Slippery road conditions are difficult for drivers, and plowers

FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - Monday morning's icy conditions made for a tricky commute.

In Frankfort, four accidents took place early Monday morning on Higby Rd. and that road was then eventually shut down for several hours from Route 5-S to Albany Rd.

It reopened around 10:00 A.M.

The commute proved to be 'not a commute' for Kevin Turk of Camden, because he never made it to M.C.C.C. for class.

Around 10:00 Monday mornng his car was in a ditch facing the wong way on Route 5-S in Utica, right near the Frankfort border.

Tucks says he was traveling well under the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour, but says he may have been going a little too fast for the conditions, "I was just on my way to college, at MVCC. And I went to switch lanes so I could get off at the Culver Ave. Exit, and I hit the slush. I guess I was going a little too fast at first...I lost control and went to gain control, but it didn't work. I spun around once and ended up backwards in a ditch."

No matter which municipality you were in Monday morning, the icy conditions made it dangerous not only for drivers, but for those who try to clear the roads.

Utica D.P.W. Commissioner Dave Short says because the roads were all clear, the freezing rain that came down made the roads very dangerous. "Yea, everybody hates ice, even the guys here hate ice. It makes it hard to get up some of these hills we have in the city. At least with snow you have a little bit of traction to bite into it, with ice, you're just spinning. So sometimes, we have to back up the hill in order to spread salt, but with the weight on those trucks we get the job done one way or the other."

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