Smith Media announces new VP and General Manager for WKTV and WFFF

By WKTV News

DEERFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Smith Media LLC has named a new Vice President and Group Manager.

Steve Doerr will oversee WKTV, the NBC Affiliate in Utica and WFFF, the FOX affiliate in Burlington, Vermont. Doerr most recently served as Vice President and General Manager at WLNE in Providence, Rhode Island. On his first visit to WKTV on Wednesday, he said he is looking forward to joining the Utica team.

"First of all, I know this sounds trite, but I'm humbled just to be a part of it," Doerr said. "This is as successful an operation as there is, so I hope to maintain that. I hope I can work with the great...we have a very veteran, experienced staff here and I hope they can show me the way around, the way things work around here. Because anytime you come in from out of town, you need to learn your way around and I'm hoping people will help me understand how it works and the psychology of the community. What I ultimately hope is that we continue to do what we've been doing for so many years."

Doerr's first official day on the job was Tuesday, when he met the staff at WFFF.

We welcome him to the WKTV team and Central New York as a whole.

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