Snodeo Weekend kicks off in Old Forge


(WKTV) - Old Forge has seen about two feet of snow since Wednesday night, and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

The 37th annual Snodeo Weekend kicked off Friday afternoon and runs through Sunday.

It's put on by the Central Adirondack Association, and that organization's event planner, Laurie Barkauskas says each year Snodeo has grown, "It started as a kickoff to the Old Forge snowmobile season and it has grown into a great family fun weekend."

On Saturday there will be the annual kids snowmobile race and fireworks, as well as an appearance by Santa and Mrs. Claus.

All weekend long the North St. Pavilion in Old Forge is turned into an expo, where the top four snowmobile manufacturers display their brand new 2014 models, and numerous other vendors are set up as well.

One vendor is Richmond Manufacturing which makes its popular Phantom brand of snowmobiles.

Richmond Manufacturing National Sales Director Don Jalliffe says this is the company's first year at Snodeo and they are introducing the only snowmobile of its kind, designed specifically for kids who are too big for the littlest snowmobile but are in no way ready to take on the big adult rigs, "We have to keep the kids into snowmobiling, because they're the future riders of the big sleds."

With the two feet of fresh snow on the ground, Barkauskas says she expects a huge weekend, "We like to say we're a year round playground here in Old Forge and this year, with three feet by the weekend, if you're looking for the snow, Old Forge is the place to go."

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