Snow falls so fast, residents and DPW crews have trouble keeping up


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Snow fell fast and heavy over the City of Utica on Friday morning.

The snow was heavy and wet and made for a very messy cleanup.

"I can't remember it being this cold...I can't remember the snow piling up like it has this year," said Donna Diorio of Utica.

Diorio spent Friday shoveling the sidewalk in front of her home on Herkimer Road. She said she felt this is one of the worst winters ever.

Paul Monte feels Diorio's frustration.

He said snowblowing his driveway is getting expensive. Rising gas prices make running the snowblower a pricier and pricier task. He estimates he's snow-blowed at least 20 times this winter. It costs at least $20 each time.

"It's pretty expensive...but what are you going to do? You have got to have the gas," he said.

The snow fell so fast that Utica DPW crews had a hard time keeping up.

"We've got salt trucks out," said DPW Commissioner Dave Short. "We're just encouraging people to keep off the roads so we can do our jobs."

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