Councilwoman questioning master plan, social host proposal sent to committee


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Councilwoman who voted in favor of Mayor David Roefaro's master plan is now having second thoughts.

At Large Councilwoman, Laurie Arcuri, says the plan does not cut the cost of government and doesn't set realistic goals.

"The field of dreams, build it and they will come," Arcuri said. "Well, will they? If we move the stadium, will all of those dollars really attract, when we've had troubles in the past?"

Arcuri says she'd like to see a better utilization of Harbor Point and growth along the waterway. She also suggests that cutting government spending and implementation of pro-business policies will stimulate the local economy and create jobs.

"I would really like us to see, how are we running city government," Arcuri said. "How can we do things differently to make it affordable to make some of these other things perhaps a reality, to stimulate growth and business to come to our area, so we can survive."

Arcuri does have some specific complaints with the master plan. She believes the goal of 70% home ownership is unrealistic in Utica. She also is concerned with EDGE being involved in downtown development, saying EDGE has an unproven track record.

Social Host Law

The Social Host Law proposal was discussed in caucus before the Utica City Council meeting Wednesday night.

The proposal will next go to the public safety committee hearing, where the matter will be discussed on September first.

The Programming Coordinator for the New York Council for Alcohol Addiction, Samantha McCarthy explains the proposal would shift the responsibility for teenage drinking from the provider of the alcohol to the provider of the property.

"Lets say there is an underage drinking party in someone's home," McCarthy said. "And the police get called for a disturbance, and they show up and see there is underage drinking. They wouldn't have to find out who provided the alcohol at the party, they would just need to know who was responsible for the premises where it was occurring."

Some council members are concerned that the proposed legislation is unconstitutional.

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