Social Security benefits to increase by 1.5%


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKTV) - The Federal Government announced that Social Security benefits will increase by 1.5% next year, Wednesday.

The announcement means that the benefits will increase for nearly 58 million people.

This year's increase is the smallest since automatic adjustments were created in 1975. Social Security pays retired workers an average of $1,300 per month.

The 1.5% increase will equate to just $19 more, leaving some people unhappy.

"It's an insult almost," said Jack Rockwell, or Seniors Helping Seniors. "It's like nothing, it's not meaningful." Thank god they're depression babies that know how to stretch a dollar, most seniors know how to change their lifestyle to save money."

Rockwell said that while funding is down, officials at his office can point seniors in the right direction to find local resources that are available to help.

Contact the Office for the Aging for more information.

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