Social media plays big role in getting word out about missing teen

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Amy Laporte, 13, of New Hartford ran away from home Friday and reunited with her family last night, but not before her face would up plastered all over the country, thanks to social media.

According to New Hartford Police, 3,000 people wound up sharing Amy Laporte's photo and story, meaning they posted it to their own Facebook walls. On the New Hartford Police Department's Facebook page alone, 100,000 people saw the story.

"If you read the comments on our Facebook, it was getting shared all over the country," said Mike Reilly of the New Hartford Police Department.

Laporte showed up at a friend's house Sunday night, and the friend's family contacted police as soon as she arrived. Police say a minor typical parental discipline the day before lead to her running away.

It is not clear yet if she showed up at the friend's house in order to end the search because she was saying her face everywhere. Police were interviewing her at the station Monday morning.

Police are also investigating whether there could be charges against any adult who harbored her, knowing she was a minor and considered missing.

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