Solar powered boat manufactured in Rome


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - The world's first solar powered recreational boat is being built and sold right in the Mohawk Valley.

Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company in the City of Rome has patented the technology and already has orders from all over the world.

The boat leaves no environmental footprint on the water, receiving all of its energy from the sun.

The company also uses a special manufacturing process which decreases the amount of harmful emissions released into the air.

"It's the first boat ever to be built to go into a box, i.e. a shipping container, and we can distribute by a lot of different methods," said Monte Gisborne, founder of Tamarack Lake Boat Company. "So there is even short sea shipping on the Erie Canal and we can build a boat and get it out onto the world market."

The boat is now in the production, but a price has not yet been set.

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