Man arrested by police, Utica City Schools locked down


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - School officials confirm to NEWSChannel 2 that Utica schools were on lockdown Thursday afternoon after police could not locate the suspect of domestic situation.

New Hartford Police were called to the parking lot of St. Luke's Hospital to investigate a domestic dispute. Authorities said a woman reported that she had a verbal argument over the phone with her estranged boyfriend, 35-year-old David Davis of Utica.

Police said it was possible that Davis was in the area and watching the victim when he allegedly threatened to shoot her and then himself.

Police conducted a search of the immediate area but were unable to locate Davis. Davis stated that he was walking in North Utica, but police could not locate him there either.

Police say that because Davis was unable to be located, the schools went into lockdown.

About an hour into the incident, Davis turned himself in to Utica Police, was transferred to New Hartford Police and charged with criminal contempt and aggravated harassment.

Davis is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, officials said.

Afterschool activities in Utica were also cancelled.

New Hartford Schools, who were not on lockdown, released a statement regarding the incident. They said, "Utica schools are on lock-down (which does) not have any consequence for New Hartford Schools. New Hartford Police report that a domestic dispute began at St Luke’s Hospital. There is no danger to New Hartford Central School students. Dismissal will be as usual. "

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