Road may have to be built to fix water main break

By Gary Libretore

A road may have to be built to fix a remote water main break in Poland.

A section of the West Canada Creek in Poland now has a brown tint to it.

It's thanks to a pile of dirt now in the creek just off of Old State Road in Poland.

That pile of dirt used to be part of a ravine from above that gave way at some point late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

That ravine collapse also took out a 100-foot-long section of a 100-year-old water line.

There's no way to get to that pipe other than by hiking through the snow about 1,000 yards through a wooded area on private property.

After making the trek in Monday afternoon, Scott Blais, the Herkimer water/sewer superintendent says he is working with a contracting company called CCI out of Canastota to determine how to make the repair as quickly as possible.

"We're still trying to find out what we're going to do, and then once we have an idea time-wise and cost, we can go from there, but as of right now I don't know," he said.

Blais says it would be tough enough to fix the lengthy section of pipe in these weather conditions, but add on the fact that the location of the break is so remote, a road will have to be built to make the repair.

"We've got to get some landowners' permission to get equipment in and out, that's what we're working on right from here, if we can get permission from him," Blais said. "The village has a right-of-way for the property but until we talk properly to the landowners that's an issue right now also."

Fifty homes from Gravesville to Herkimer that get their water off of this water line now have their water turned off and won't get it back until the pipe is fixed.

Because of all of the unknowns surrounding the water main break, and how long it may take to fix, Blais says all residents in the Village of Herkimer are being asked to conserve water.

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