South Dakota runners say crowd support makes Boilermaker tops

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Boilermaker draws "Uticans for a day" from all over the world.

The race is a melting pot, just like the City of Utica. Runners from 40 different countries have participated over the years. Yet it took until 2012 for the first participants from South Dakota to make an appearance.

Those runners are back again this year. The Upper Midwesterners have done other races, but say when it comes to crowd participation, Utica wins hands down.

"The crowd support is huge," said Brian Foley of South Dakota. "It's just having the entire route covered with people and everybody just screaming and yelling the entire way is, like I said, it's just crazy. There's nothing like that. All the other races I run, they're at the beginning and at the end, but nothing in between."

In 2013, all but four states were represented. Numbers for this year are not yet available.

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