Space heater apparent cause of fire on Monastery grounds


(WKTV) - It appears a space heater being used in conjunction with an extension cord is responsible for a fire that touched of blazes in several nearby outbuildings at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery Complex in Jordanville.
It happened around 2:00 Thursdsay afternoon.

"The hardest part was getting the trucks back in here because the trees are so overgrown back at the entrance of the driveway but other than that it hasn't been too bad water isn't a problem," said Richfield Springs Fire Chief Thomas Hallock.

Water had to be trucked in from a hydrant several hundred yards away.
"We haven't got a big structure back here, we've got three or four small structures involved.....they're not very big buildings, maybe 12 x 12, 14 x 14 max, single story buildings. I guess that's where they ran their honey operation," said the Chief.

Small, exterior bee hives housed in wooden covers surrounded firefighters from four companies who fought the blazes.  The chief says it appears the operation is a total loss, as all of the equipment in the small outbuildings was burned.
No monks, visitors or workers were injured in the fire. A Richfield Springs firefighter was hurt.
"I've got one man that fell off a truck down at our fill sight. I don't know how bad he is or anything. I know he's being transported to the hospital as we speak," said the Chief.

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