Spraying begins in western Oneida County combating EEE


(WKTV) - Oneida County will be doing some aerial spraying Friday night to combat the spread of EEE.

Over the past few weeks, six mosquito pools with EEE have been found in Western Oneida County. It is the first time in four years the virus has made its way into the county.

EEE is one of the most serious mosquito-borne viruses. It can be fatal to horses and cause brain damage in humans.

Oneida County has decided to spray as a preventative measure. It will happen in western Oneida County near the Oneida/Oswego County border starting at 6p.m. Friday night.

Health department officials advise people who live in the 50-square mile target area to stay indoors during the spraying and for an hour afterward.

As far as precautions people living in the spray area should take, health officials say stay indoors, close windows, bring pets indoors, close air conditioning vents, close vehicle windows and vents, remove outdoor toys and furniture and cover gardens.

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