Spring break means lots of activity at Utica Zoo

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The kids are off from school, the weather's nice -- for now anyway -- and many are heading to the zoo.

The Utica Zoo's spring break programs are completely full. There are educational programs and zoo camps for kids. Even though there are not spots left for the programs, the zoo is still open for visitors to enjoy the exhibits.

The animals love the warm weather and are eager to have visitors. There's wallabies and ostriches and Sherlock the red fox. There are new exhibits to check out as well.

"If you haven't been here in the last five days, you haven't seen our new arctic fox yet, which just flew in from Minnesota," said Andria Heath, executive director of the Utica Zoo. "And then watch, as we have lots of animals coming, either brand new or pairs coming to our animals next month."

The Utica Zoo says to get a head start if you're interested in the summer programs. Those are starting to fill up, too.

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