State Police urging safety on Super Bowl Sunday

(WKTV) What are your plans for Sunday night's Super Bowl?

New York State Police say if you plan on traveling to a party, plan on having a designated driver, or spending the night where you're watching the big game, and also note that there will be a big statewide effort to make sure everyone stays safe on the roadways.

State Police Troop D Zone Sgt. Richard Miserka says ever since police agencies have been cracking down on drunk drivers, whether it be on New Year's Eve, the Fourth of July, or the Super Bowl, those crackdowns have saved lives.

Sgt. Miserka said, "From the very early efforts, we have seen a great reduction in the numbers of people that do die on our highways or are injured because of a DWI driving violation, so there's progress that's been made over the years, but we still have to continue to go forward and stay on top of it."

Sgt. Mizerka says not only can you expect DWI checkpoints all around the state Sunday night into Monday morning, but you'll see a number of state police vehicles positioned to watch for speeders.

He hopes this warning helps people make the right decisions, saying, "For people that are on the highway, to see that police officers are stopping vehicles and hopefully to put in their minds that I should not get behind the wheel because yes, the police are out there, they are stopping cars and i may risk getting arrested for DWI or some other infraction."

If you do plan ahead, Sgt. Mizerka says not only could it save your life and keep you from getting into trouble with the law, but you will keep everyone safe.

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