State legislators trying to come to a deal on a state budget


(WKTV) - The deadline to have a state budget in place is April 1st. That means it must be voted on by Monday, March 31st, for it to take effect on April 1st.

Senator Joe Griffo of Rome and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica are in Albany trying to lobby for the best deal for their constituents, and both believe a compromise will be made and a fourth straight budget will be in place on time.

Griffo says he has been in and out of conferences and committee conferences all day today, "It's always a very challenging period here, and it's around the clock basically. I do believe we'll see an on time budget, which is the way I think it should be. I think the next 48 hours will tell a lot of the story."

Both Griffo and Brindisi say education funding is a big topic of conversation, and will be, until a deal is reached, Brindisi added, "In Utica and the Mohawk Valley, schools are severely under funded and it's a priority I'm pushing for, to increase education funding for these schools, and those like them around the state, so it's a sticking point still."

As far as Governor Cuomo's highly touted property tax plan that he has lobbied for, Griffo believes the ultimate compromise won't be exactly what the Governor wants, "No it will not go as the Governor first proposed. There are ongoing discussions on that too, so it's difficult to assess what it will look like completely. I think the only thing that is of certainty is that there will be some sort of form of relief provided to people. It's beginning to take more form."

Griffo and Brindisi believe a deal will done as early as late Thursday evening.

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