State of Emergency in Frankfort

By WKTV News

FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A State of Emergency remains in effect in the Village of Frankfort after heavy rain this weekend. About a dozen homes are still evacuated and a portion of the one of the village's main roads remains closed to traffic.

Residents in the Village of Frankfort may think "15" is their unlucky number. Back in 1981, Moyer Creek overflowed, causing evacuations and closing Main Street. Fifteen years later, a freak rainstorm in 1996 caused the creek to overflow again, forcing Main Street to close and residents to evacuate. Now in 2011, another heavy rain storm, and the Moyer Creek overflows again-- closing the bridge on Main Street.

Water is no longer rushing over the bridge, but it will remain closed for now until inspectors from the NYS DOT and National Grid can inspect the bridge structure and 6-inch gas main that goes across it. As the rain continues to fall, Village officials say they will err on the side of caution and keep the bridge closed.

Those that live in the dozen houses surrounding the creek were also asked to stay away until the bridge is given the "all clear".

The morning commute will be affected for Frankfort residents living east of Cemetery Street. If they have to go to Utica, motorists will have to use the Hilltop Bridge and Grandview Ave or might be better off just going to East Frankfort to pick up Route 5S. The bridge closure will also affect Frankfort-Schuyler school students. Tuesday is the first day of classes at FSCS, and buses that normally use Cemetery Street to access the Village of Frankfort will now likely go all the way to the Ilion exit off Route 5S, then backtrack east into Frankfort. This may cause a little delay in students being picked up for school.

DOT and National Grid officials are expected to inspect the Main St. bridge on Tuesday morning. Also, parts of NYS Route 171, also known as the Frankfort Gorge, remain closed after the flooding.

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