State police training with first aid kits comes in handy for one teen

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - New York State Police have been carrying first aid kits in their cruisers for about years, but just recently received refresher training on using the tourniquets in them.

That training came in handy earlier this month when troopers in Herkimer County were called to Newport. The troopers arrived before emergency medical technicians and were able to put the kit and the training to use when they found an 18-year-old who'd just cut his arm on glass.

According to Capt. Francis Coots of the state police, the teen had lacerated his artery in his right arm. By the time troopers arrived, he was semi-conscious and lying on the ground.

Coots says the kits come in handy, especially in rural areas, when state police are close and often arrive before emergency medical personnel.

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