State to help restore municipal power to Village of Mohawk

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - New York State will provide the Village of Mohawk with emergency generators to help get some power restored to residents.

The Village of Mohawk has their own energy service as opposed to National Grid or NYSEG. Nearly 3,500 residents are without power in the village.

The Mohawk Municipal Substation just behind Route 5S was under nearly six feet of water. The water has since receded, but now it has to be repaired.

As part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's visit to the region on Saturday, State Commissioner of Homeland Security Jerome Hauer visited the substation personally. He says two generators are on their way to Mohawk and those will be able to supply some feeders with power to get part of the area back up and running. This is a temporary fix and it is unknown how many homes will benefit from this.

The generators should arrive Saturday evening, and some residents may see power by Sunday morning.

Several hundred National Grid customers in other parts of the Mohawk Valley are without power. Before power can be restored, officials have to make sure it is safe.

National Grid crews are going door to door to let customers know. A certified inspection must take place before they can turn power back on.

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