Statement from Greg Johnson on full disclosure

By WKTV News

Republican candidate for the 116th Assembly District, Greg Johnson, released the following statement regarding full disclosure and campaigning.

"It is sad and disheartening that Mr. Brindisi still refuses to fully disclose his and his firm's clients. What is he hiding? Who is he hiding?

"In his feeble attempt to protect and hide whomever or whatever, he has resorted to leveling false allegations and bold face lies about me. He even went so far as to break his own clean campaign pledge. Oddly, he did this on the same day he sent a political mailer about ‘trust’ and how we need to know who politicians are working for.

"During this campaign Mr. Brindisi has shown a pattern of ethically challenged and questionable behavior. He has faced public scrutiny for a conflict of interest where as a Utica School Board Member he hired back one of 24 teachers whose father has a connection to his Assembly Campaign; he misused state property in a campaign mailer; and his character has come into question by getting into bed with the indicted leader of the Oneida County Independence Party.

"We asked for his full disclosure to show what we feared - that Mr. Brindisi would never put the people's interest above his own. Not only did he prove us right; he lied and broke his own pledge he made to the people.

"The people of the 116th, need to have a representative with the courage and character to do the right thing, know right from wrong and always do what's honorable. It's become clear where Mr. Brindisi falls on these issues."

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