State's funeral directors gathering at Turning Stone

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A funeral convention is taking place at Turning Stone this week, but it's not a somber affair.

The New York State Funeral Directors Association hosted the convention for more than 700 funeral directors and exhibitors. Caskets, hearses and other funeral-related items are on display through Wednesday.

The incoming president of the association says the funeral service is always changing, and those in charge of your loved ones' final arrangements need to stay up to date.

"Funeral directors are issued and licensed from the New York State Department of Health," Robert Enos, incoming president of NYSFDA. "The license is issued every two years, and during those two years, funeral directors are required to get 12 continuing ed credits."

This is also the first year for the Funeral Directors Association Leadership Academy. Tuesday marked the end of a one-year program. Eight people received a certificate of completion, including Heather Rauch, who works at a funeral home in Frankfort.

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