Statistics show 24.5 percent of NY adults obese

By WKTV News

A new federal government survey recently showed that New York has a relatively low level of obesity among adults.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) figures for 2011 released Monday reports more than a third of adults nationwide were obese.

The rate in New York stood at 24.5 percent.

That compares with 12 states where at least 30 percent were obese.

Colorado was lowest, at just under 21 percent, and Mississippi was highest at nearly 35 percent.

The results were based on a telephone survey that asked adults their height and weight. For the first time, households with only cell phones were included.

The CDC wants to bring the obesity rate in New York State down to 15 percent, but is that an achievable goal?

The Mohawk Valley Food Action Network, based out of Cornell Cooperative Extension, is dedicated to identifying the strengths and challenges locally and says that one of the factors in the obesity rate is the battle between cost and health.

One of the missions of the local group is to make sure healthy choices are affordable for all. Spokesman Jim Manning says your well being depends on it.

"Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, there's a whole range of related problems that don't necessarily show up as obesity but they're related to diet," Manning said.

For information on the Mohawk Valley Food Action Network, you can visit their website, which includes tips on food shopping and preparation.

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