Steet Ponte Chevrolet in Herkimer cuts ribbon on renovated location

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Joe Steet and his wife Lenora shared a giant pair of scissors on Monday as they cut the ribbon on the renovated Route 28 dealership in Herkimer, with Steve Ponte standing close by.

Highlights of the new facility include a drive-through service area and a large customer lounge.

The Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce says that it's important to attract businesses to the area but it's just as important to see existing ones thrive.

Steet agrees.

"We certainly have hired more people so that benefits the area," Steet said. "The upgrading and remodeling tells people there is a Chevy store here and it's here and it's staying. It's not going anywhere. They've seen businesses come and go. It's important for people to know we're here and we're gonna' be here."

On Thursday, Steet will celebrate another ribbon cutting, but this time it will be in Yorkville with the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce at the newly renovated Steet Toyota-Scion.

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