Storm causes severe damage in parts of Herkimer County


SOUTHERN HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Storms ripped through the Mohawk Valley, Thursday night, causing destruction all around the area. Herkimer County was one of the hardest hit areas. 

Trees were tossed across the county in yards and on top of homes, power lines were down and homes were destroyed.
The Hula family experienced severe destruction at their home and barn on Burrowood Road in the Town of Warren. A tree fell on top of their home and the roof of their barn was ripped off and pinned around a tree. 
"The wind was whipping around, trees were falling," Sandra Hula said. "I went to close my car windows and ran back in the house because it started thundering and lightening and my husband walked in the house and I look out the window and tree fell on the house."
Even more unfortunate, the Hula's don't have home owners insurance.
Leo Mackin also lives in the Town of Warren but experienced a different kind of destruction. Not only will he have to clean up debris and fallen trees from his yard, but he had to save one of his cows. 
After the storm, Mackin went to move his cows to the other side of the road and realized one was unaccounted for. He looked around and noticed Sue underneath a tree. After 15 minutes of using a chainsaw to cut the tree, his cow was free. 
"Like I said, I was concerned about my animals more than anything else," Mackin said.
The Hula's and Mackin were only two of the dozens of people who experienced damage because of the storm. A business on Route 28 had its barn door flipped upside down, and parts of it scattered across the lawn, trees were down in multiple places in Jordansville and The Blatchley House, a historical site in Herkimer County is now missing part of its roof.
The storm that lasted only a few minutes but could take weeks, or even months to clean up.

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