Strong finish to outdoor protest


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local animal rights activist, Kim Strong, completed her 5-day mission, Sunday.

The founder of Lainey's Army vowed to stand outside for five days, or nearly 100 hours, in order to protest the sentencing of Ian West for five years probation after he was found to have starved his dog, Lainey, to death in May.

Strong felt that his sentencing was too lenient, and completed her protest Sunday afternoon, wearing just a t-shirt and shorts.

While she braved the freezing cold for Lainey's case, she said that she was also protesting tethering animals outside, and using heavy chains on dogs that could potentially harm them.

And while Strong may have finished her most recent protest, she stated that her mission has only just begun, and she will continue to try and "break the chains."

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