Students at New York Mills celebrate 100th anniversary with tree planting


NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Kindergarten classes at New York Mills Union Free School District planted a tree on school grounds in honor of both Arbor Day and the School's 100 year anniversary, Friday.
The kids read poems and got a visit from the Utica Zoo, which is also celebrating 100 years, this year.
Following the ceremony, each student had the chance to grab a shovel and dig some dirt into the newly-planted tree hole.
The hands-on learning was something both exciting and valuable for the students, and something that school officials believe will help round out their education in the future.
"When they think back on their career here at New York Mills, these kinds of experiences, where they are out, their parents are here, they are interacting, they are part of the learning, they are active participants in the learning is what's going to be stored in their memories," said Dr. Rene Wilson, Elementary School Principal.
A new time capsule was also filled with different projects made by students from all grades of the Elementary School.

At the "100th day of the 100th year celebration," a time capsule from the 1964 class was opened. 

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